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My name is Robyn Louise and I'm not your typical Wellness Teacher. 

My love for all things Health, Mindset and Purpose has allowed me to teach thousands of students from over 26 different countries.  

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Power Couple Masterclass

A comprehensive step-by-step program to transform any relationship into a Power Couple dynamic

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Peak vs Steady


Which one are you? 👀🙋‍♀️

No Self Love = No Self Worth.


My first book, 80 Things That Changed My Life, tells the story of my incredible transformation. It wasn’t the result of “one big secret” that I unlocked. Rather, it was the result of adjusting many small habits in my day-to-day life. Although individually insignificant, the cumulative affect of applying these things together has uprooted my entire world for the better. It was these 80 things that changed my life.




Whole Hearted Eating Volume 1 includes over 50 mouth-watering recipes exclusively using Whole Food ingredients. From hearty & delicious lasagna to rich & decadent snickers slice, let the recipes inside help you to indulge in simple guilt-free eating. The golden rule of Whole Hearted Eating: Cook with love. Eat with presence. Love what you eat and eat what you love.

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