My Natural Flu Shot

Not a fan of the mainstream flu season jab? 😷💉… Then why not try this powerful, natural alternative!

As we head into winter its time to build up your immune system and prevent getting hit by the sniffles.

Whenever I feel a tickle in my throat or congestion in my sinus I mix up my Natural Flu Shot!

Anyone who knows me well, or visits my house with a runny nose or cough, will testify to the fact that they won’t leave until having downed this shot and a tablespoon of crushed raw garlic.

– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Cayenne Pepper
– Honey or Maple Syrup
– Curcumin
– Garlic


ACV is a great staple to always have handy in your fridge! When purchasing your ACV I recommend avoiding anything that doesn’t come naturally with the “mother”. The mother is the living bacteria which produces enzymes and protein. ACV has good bacteria that helps your body fight off foreign bacteria (like colds and the flu).

Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used Apple Cider Vinegar to clean wounds and fight infections, over two thousand years ago.

As seen in the picture I highly recommend the “Bragg’s” brand of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Along with clearing out your sinus’s and breaking up congested mucus, due to its fiery

taste, Cayenne Pepper has a heap of other health benefits. Cayenne Pepper has been used to help reduce blood clots, it’s great for digestion and gut health by increasing stomach enzyme production, and it’s anti-bacterial, so again helps fight off a nasty cold!

Definitely the least favorable ingredient in the shot, but super essential! So add a dash, hold your nose if you have to and get it in ya! 😉


For centuries honey has been used to help soothe, coughs and sore throats. Along with its sweet, soothing properties, honey contains friendly bacteria to aid good gut health and fight against nasty bacteria and fungus.

Manuka Honey, in particular, has amazing healing benefits on wounds or burns when applied topically.


Is an extract from the spice Turmeric. Curcumin is one of nature’s strongest anti-inflammatory compounds. Recent studies have even shown Curcumin capsules to be as effective as some mainstream anti-inflammatory drugs.

So if you don’t have Curcumin capsules just use Turmeric!


It’s been recorded that ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese used garlic for its numerous medicinal properties! Raw garlic has proven antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Crush it, mix it up with a dash of honey or chop it up into pill size pieces to swallow whole… whichever method works best for you. With that organic raw garlic is always better than conventionally produced garlic.

So this cold and flu season why not try a whole food, natural alternative to the crowded, heavy, suppressing pharmaceutical cold and flu products?

Robyn Louise

After a health crisis uprooted my life at the age of 21, I

discovered my soul guided mission was to teach and

coach people the importance of self-empowerment and

mastering all 3 areas of the Wellness Trinity, Health –

Mindset – Purpose. Everything I create through my

books, courses videos, and blog posts are tools to help

you empower yourself in these 3 areas. x



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