About 80 Things that Changed my Life


5 years ago I was eating avocado out of a tube, working in an unfulfilling job, crying on my second-hand stained couch and feeling totally disempowered in my health, mindset and overall purpose of my life.


It took one of the most earthshaking health events for me to stop, reflect, adjust my sails and take back control of my life.


Today I’m happier and healthier than ever before. My work is fulfilling and lucrative. I have a crystal clear image of what my life stands for and where I’m heading. Perhaps above all else, I’ve developed the mental strength and wisdom that has allowed me to take on any challenge life throws my way, and to find the hidden blessings within each apparent obstacle.


My incredible transformation wasn’t the result of “one big secret” that I unlocked. Rather, it was the result of adjusting many small habits in my day-to-day life. Although individually insignificant, the cumulative effect of applying these things together has uprooted my entire world for the better. It was these 80 things that changed my life.

80 Things That Changed My Life



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